Blue and Pink German-esque Elizabethan Gown

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I think I started making this dress in about 2006, and this will be the first of many flash back posts, migrate old content to the new blog.

I started with the Dresden woodcut from those maps (erm…I’ll look it up later?) And then I sort of extrapolated to make it more English. All of the visible topstitching was done by hand, (including all of the skirt guards,) but I used a sneaky trick to do the edged tabs on the shoulders…

First I cut out blue strips 2 inches wide, and pink strips 3(3.5?) inches wide, then I matched the cut edges and sewed them at 3/8″ (or so.) This made a bubbled tube. Then I flipped the tubes and did a lot of careful pressing. Yay, edged tabs.

I often wear pockets under this, so the plackets at the sides of the skirt are longer and deeper than is strictly necessary to get into it. I think that this was my first dress with lacing rings, and I am a huge fan.  They are sturdy, nifty looking, and they are easy to pull tight, even when the lacing placket is in an awkward place on the body (like side back.)

The shift is of a style that is more about style than accuracy, and possibly more about hot weather than about style… I chose the wide neckline for heat regulation, and the poofy sleeves so I could pretend that I didn’t need to wear other sleeves over them, (READ: heat regulation!) I think that I have added some machined “blackwork” to the shift since this photo was taken, it was looking a little plain.

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