Bavarian fun on Halloween

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And Now…  the moment that some of you – and my mom – were waiting for!

I think I declared this to be our official Halloween picture.

Halloween did happen, as scheduled, and the costumes got finished!!!

Really wasn’t interested in changing serger thread.

Also, I have decided that one step up from quick-and-dirty should not be called quick-and-clean, because it doesn’t sound as cool.  In any case, this is the method utilized on our Oktoberfest  costumes.  I think that part of my difficulty is starting this project was trying to get my brain around the idea that these were costumes, and didn’t have to be “clothing” level design/construction.  Still, I think they came out quite nicely, and I have gained a whole new appreciation for the “bachelor button.”

The only  piece I ended up making for Michael was the actual lederhosen;  we picked up the hat at a Halloween store for about $5 and the shirt, socks, and boots came from our closets.  I made the dress  for myself, along with an apron (read: I put half of a scarf on a ribbon) and arm floofs (read: serged rectangles with elastic;) I already had the lacy cami, socks, shoes and hair.

Living and Living Dead!

When we wore these to Theatre Bizarre we ran into our zombie counterparts, and had to stop for a photo-op.   Happily, we were cute and comfortable, all night; and for once, I didn’t need to rip off half my costume in the car, after that massive party!  Side note on TB: if you’ve never been, you are missing out!  If you can find your way to Detroit on the third(?) Saturday in October, it is totally worth getting tickets in advance.

Happy Halloween,  Samhain, and Dia de los Muertos!!!

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