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Apron Dress
My first, and probably still the one I wear most.

This was my first wiggle-in apron, and still a camp favorite. There is some difference of oppinion on whether the straps are too wide, but I have other straps I can wear with this. I took a page from the Hedeby apron, and put buttonholes in the back, to loop the straps through, and this has the added benefit of allowing me to swap out, for others, as desired.

Like the pink dress in some of the pictures, I decided, at some point, that this apron was looking pretty plain; So I made a 4 hanks of Lucet cord, braided them, and tacked them onto the dress. I made two of the cords from single skeins of DMC floss, and two from doubled skeins, so I would get different weights - Which, I think, tends to make even stranded braids look nicer. The completed braid was then tacked in place with floss matching one of the heavy strands (pink?) The loopy thingy on the back wasn't anything, in particular, other than discovering that my finished braid was several inches longer than it needed to be, and me thinking it would be a shame to cut it off, (because what does one do with 10 inches of cut-ended lucet cord?)