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Trial and Error

This is an area I have managed to neglect for an amazingly long time. I guess that I was so stoked that I wasn't REQUIRED to wear something on my head, that I just forgot that I COULD, if I wanted to.

This hood was a 3o minute experiment, loosely based on a silk hood found in either Dublin or York. (Loosely, because I read the article long enough ago that I can't even remember which city...) This version is a bit longer than the one that was found, though, as I wanted to find a way to defeat ring-around-the-collar sunburns. It is a long rectangle, folded over, with a triangular gore inserted in the center back, about 5" down from the fold.

I mostly wanted to see how the shape worked on an actual head, and found that the peak likes to be pointy. So much so, in fact, that when the ties are tied behind the neck, it looks disturbingly like a Klan cast off. When I rework this hood, I will add a tassel, or something, to the peak, to keep it down. (I weighted it down with a couple of giant safetypins, in the pictures.)